W.O.W. Foundations Course

Welcome to the Women of the Whirlwind Foundations Course Registration Page.

This course takes you beyond your Hebrew identity. Our mission is to help you establish a firm foundation in the Hebrew faith, as well as, explore what our duty as Hebrew women mean to the nation of Israel. In this course we will discuss purging from past sins, the importance of the Messiah, the Torah, the Holy Spirit, topics of cultural importance, and much more.

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This course has two components. First it requires you to read the material and watch the prerecorded videos on the WOW Training Center Website and participate in one live class on Zoom per week for 8 weeks. If you miss a live class contact us in order to receive the recording.

The workbook for with the course is Shew Thyself Approved: A Woman’s Guide to Studying, Living, and Sharing the Word of Yah. Purchase it by clicking here.

If you are genuinely unable to purchase the workbook contact us immediately at learnwithwow@gmail.com

The first live class is scheduled for Sunday September 8, 2019 @ 5:00 pm EST.