Unit 3: Faith and Works Challenge

Is our commitment to the covenant or to the curse?

In your journal…. answer this question…
What can I do to break the cycle of lack and poverty in my family and in my community?

READ: GENESIS 15, DEUT. 28:2-14, DEUT 28:15-68

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As we prepare for the upcoming appointed times, remember we are preparing that we might fulfill our ultimate purpose which is to receive our King and to be obedient unto his call until that day. Listen to this powerful message from Sis Onleilove Alston

“Daughter of Yah who doesn’t want you to give birth”

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  1. Edith Reyes says:

    Daughter’s of Zion, who doesn’t want you to give birth?
    I have many life experiences where my life was trying to be snuffed out, tainted and hushed, from the age of four on…..but YAH!
    Awesome message given by Achoti Onleilove Aston.
    An encouraging message that propels you to action.
    From scriptures, to life events both biblical and present day offering strength to move on for His glory.
    The phrases and encouragement also came from:
    Compassion/Justice discussion
    Get On The Birthing Stool
    Grateful for this Awakening and being used for Yahuah’s glory.

  2. Edith Reyes says:

    Faith and Works Challenge #3

    There is blessing in obedience, If you guard the commands, and walk in His way.

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