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Earthen Vessel by Yocef Eliyahu Ben Yasharel

I’m glad to present a new Earthen Vessel collection called Whirlwind. We’ve collaborated with the Women of the Whirlwind prayer ministry founded by Angela Malakah Philips. The inspiration for these designs come directly from scripture.

This collection represents the righteous women of Zion. These women cry out to their Heavenly Father day and night. Prophecy tells us that when The Heavenly Father hears the women of Zion He sets His heart to establish His bride in precious stones, precious metals, and even wood from the cedars of Lebanon. These particular designs include amethyst, jasper, jade, carnelian, onyx, silver, gold, brass, and natural cedar wood.

30% of the profits from this collection will go towards supporting the Women of the Whirlwind ministry.

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