Phase 2: Becoming A Woman

Assignment 1:

Watch this reflection video by Sister Tonya on Emotions.

What this reflection video by Sister Yiskah on Creating a Torah Centered Home.

Watch this reflection by Mother Malakah on Becoming a Woman.

Assignment 2:

As a woman there are special instructions given in Torah regarding our time of the month.

Niddah Part 1 – Acts of Transformation Introduction

Niddah Part 2 – The Torah of Niddah (Torat Niddah)

Assignment 3:

◄ Strongs:802. ishshah ►
Strong’s Concordance
ishshah: woman, wife, female
Original Word: אִשָּׁה
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Transliteration: ishshah
Phonetic Spelling: (ish-shaw’)
Definition: woman, wife, female
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from an unused word
woman, wife, female
NASB Translation
adulteress* (2), any woman (1), childbearing* (1), each (3), each one (1), each woman (1), every (1), everyone (1), female (3), girls* (1), harem* (5), harlot’s* (2), harlot* (3), marriage (9), married (3), married* (6), marry* (3), none* (1), one (8), widow (7), wife (274), wife and his wives (2), wife and the wives (1), wife or a woman (1), wife’s (8), wives (100), woman (203), woman of the wives (1), woman’s (6), women (104), women as wives (1).

Practice writing Isha in Hebrew

Assignment 4:

Watch the following videos listed below.

Our Form, Function, and Purpose

11 Attributes of a Righteous Woman

Hebraic Modesty

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