Onleilove Alston

Onleilove (pronounced Onlylove) Chika Alston, Founder of Prophetic Whirlwind was born and raised in East New York, Brooklyn. Having experienced childhood poverty and homelessness, she has developed a compassion for people fueled by her passion for justice and knows that the gospel is truly “good news to the poor.” Onleilove is also a community organizer, teacher, and writer. Prophetic Whirlwind seeks to uncover the Biblical Hebrews and restore Biblical Womanhood while inspiring through Biblical study, discipleship and historical analysis. Understanding the Black foundation of the Bible will deepen and challenge your faith, while inspiring you to struggle for Biblical justice. Everyday millions of Black people read the Bible but it is like we are looking in the mirror but can’t recognize our own face. In 2012 she awakened to her Hebrew identity and the need to return to Torah as a disciple of Yahshua.  

After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Human Development with a minor in African-American studies from Penn State University, she completed a year of service with AmeriCorps Public Allies New York. In 2011, she received her Master of Divinity and Master of Social Work degrees from Union Theological Seminary and Columbia University School of Social Work, respectively.Her writing has been featured in Sojourners Magazine, Huff Post Religion, The Black Commentator and NPR’s On Being blog, as well as in other print and online publications. Onleilove served as the second executive director at PICO-Faith in New York, where she led a multiracial and multifaith organizing federation of 70+ congregations representing 80,000 New Yorkers who are working to Build the Beloved City-where all of The Creator’s children can live in dignity. In 2016 Onleilove testified before the United Nations Working Group for People of African Descent on Mass Incarceration’s Impact on Black Women & Girls.

She has been a featured speaker and workshop facilitator at CCDA, Dartmouth College, Why Christian, Sojourners Summit, The 2015 African Hebrew Conference in Israel and The Samuel Dewitt Proctor Conference among other conferences, congregations, universities and organizations. Often ministering among African Hebraic communities, she was appointed as the Ambassador and given the title of Iyom for The Organization of Igbo-Hebrew Heritage Cultural Foundation’s Joseph Project which seeks to build a link between diaspora Africans and Igbos. With Hebrew Nation Building she co-founded Operation Joseph where Hebrews in the diaspora support Hebrews in Africa. 

Her travels and work have taken her to Scotland, England, Switzerland, Israel, Ghana Nigeria, Puerto Rico, The US Virgin Islands, St. Martin, Morocco and Togo. Onleilove has 5 siblings and a large extended family. She worships at Beth-El The House of Yahweh in the South Bronx a 65-year old Messianic Hebrew community. For everything she has accomplished Chika says To Yah Be the Glory! Her first book Prophetic Whirlwind: Uncovering The Black Biblical Destiny will be released in February 2018.  You can find her ministry online at To Yah Be the Glory!