Candace “Yiskah” Wells

Candace “Yiskah” Wells was born and raised in Greenville, AL by a single mother. Her mom taught her how to make the best of hard times. She learned from an early age how to pray and that the Most High was her ever present help in times of trouble. Some of her earliest memories are of her three year old self, sitting at the piano bench, in the choir stand at a small southern baptist church singing from the depth of her heart. She was a member of the Missionary Board and this is were she gave her first biblical speech. Yiskah looks at this church as an incubator because it nurtured her for the first seventeen years of her life.

She met her husband when she was seventeen and he introduced her to the Sabbath, the Holy Days, and clean and unclean animals . At this point she decided that she would do what the Most High’s word instructs her to do. Yiskah married her husband in 2008 and moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. While there, she became a Medical Massage Therapist until the birth of her first child. They moved back to Alabama in 2015 in order to be closer to Yiskah’s mother who passed away in late 2018.

She believes that she is a prime example of Yah’s love for His children because He has been her rock and he has sustained her in every way. The trials of life and the grief of losing her mother has taught Yiskah how to go deep in prayer and worship. She knows that Yah will fill you with his Ruach hakodesh and you will experience unspeakable joy. In the Hebrew community Yiskah is gaining the sisters that she has always wanted. Being a Member of the Women of the Whirlwind Intercessory Prayer Ministry is a blessing. She would be delighted to pray with/for you or give general biblical counsel.

Yiskah is the author of the book, Shew Thyself Approved: A Woman’s Guide to Studying, Living, and Sharing the Word, set to be released Spring 2019. She also teaches free basic Biblical Hebrew to local family and friends.