Becoming a Mother

Assignment 1:

This article is about the Yoruba of Benin Togo who many believe to be Hebrew. There are references to idolatrous practices in the article please eat the meat and spit out the bones. The article is being shared as a companion article to “The Queen Mothers in the Old Testament” 
Please read and look for 3 major points.

1) Equality is not an Eastern paradigm. Power and significance were found in function and function was honored

2) Compare and Contrast the two articles for similarities between the Kingdom of Benin and Kingdom of Israel as it relates to Queen Mothers.

3)What was the function of the Queen mother in Israel? Benin?

Click here to read the article!

Assignment 2:

Click here and read the article about Biblical Royal Mothers.

Assignment 3:

Practice writing mother in Hebrew.

אמא |Ee – ma | mother

Keepers of the Culture

This is a subsection of mother called keepers of the culture. complete the assignments below.

Assignment 1: In addition to biblical obedience recreating our culture is healthy for our children. Click here to read the article.

Assignment 2: Click here to read about the 7 elements of culture.

Assignment 3: Watch the Preparing the Bride: Embracing biblical womanhood reflections by clicking here.

Hebrew Language:

Reflection Notes

Hebrew Alephbet Chart

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